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Frukstereo - Yellow Cidermarine

Frukstereo - Yellow Cidermarine

Fruit/Veg: 83% Ingrid Marie and Mutsu apples 15% Carrots 2% Honey
Origin: Waste apples from growers in Skåne, waste
carrots from Nypling gård on Gotland and honey from Lillgården in Höör.
Pre-maceration: 4 hours
Yeast: Spontaneous fermentation
Additives: None
Residual sugar: 5g/l

Sea buckthorn last year became this year’s big veggie project with a lot of waste carrots. Starting the fermentation with the apples, adding half the carrot juice to the fermentation while half fermented by itself in a separate container creating more lactic bacteria and saltiness.

About the Cidermaker:

After many years in the restaurant business as runners, dishwashers, waiters, managers and sommeliers we decided to start our own company to spread the word about good produce and especially what we knew the most about, beverages. With the intention of building up a bigger and more long lasting knowledge of natural and more sustainable products we began to import natural wines in 2014 from friends all over Europe.

At the same time we wanted to produce something ourselves and the creation of FRUKTSTEREO was a fact. First year (2016) we produced everything at Hällåkra Vingård, 30 km outside of Malmö, with fruit from the farm and the villages close by. The year after we got our own place in the old harbour area close to the city center of Malmö where we now produce everything by hand from fruit to finished product.