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Son of Man - Sagardo Basque Style Cider

Son of Man - Sagardo Basque Style Cider

100% heirloom apples.

Notes from the Cidermaker:

The 2018 Sagardo is the result of an exclusive collaboration between cidermakers Jasper Smith of Portland, Oregon and Guillermo Castaños of San Sebastian, Spain.

Made from fruit grown in the Hood River and Willamette Valleys, Son Of Man Sagardo is spontaneously fermented by native yeasts and bottled unfiltered and unfined.

It is a thirst quencher with clean, bright acidity, a touch of salinity and a soft tannic structure. Aromas of pineapple and tropical fruit lead to fresh green apple on the palate. There is a hint of vinegar – a hallmark of Basque cider – before a gently astringent finish. Shake well to reintegrate the fine lees before serving.

About the Cidermaker:

At Son of Man Sagardo, we work to perfect a singular craft. Inspired by the generations of cidermakers in Northern Spain, we have set out to make exceptional Basque-style cider. 

Son of Man cider is wild. It reflects the stunning landscape of the Columbia River Gorge and the bold spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

Native yeasts, Oregon apples, and spontaneous ferment. Unfiltered and unfined. Our Basque-style cider is as natural as it gets and tastes like the time and place it comes from.

Son of Man Sagardo celebrates adventure: mountaineering, fly fishing, getting muddy, and grilling over a wood fire.  Share a bottle, or three, with friends around the table.