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I Vini di Giovani - Trebbiozzo Pét-Nat

I Vini di Giovani - Trebbiozzo Pét-Nat

 100% Trebbiano Pet Nat. Partial primary fermentation in open top resin tank before aging in fiberglass until February when the wine was bottled. It then underwent natural re-fermentation in the bottle with frozen must from the same wine. No sulfur added. Cloudy and Funky.

About the Winemaker:

Giovanni Battista Mesina, "the shepherd that makes wine", as he is known to the locals, was about to harvest grapes for his first bottled production of wine. Giovanni's wines were borne in his family's old animal stall with nothing more than grapes and intuition. To this day, on their hilltop homestead, Giovanni and his family raise over 1000 sheep.  They produce milk, cheese and wool as well as pasture-raised meat.  If you know anything about shepherds it's that they are sincere, stoic and reserved...when you meet Giovanni you feel his warm soulfulness, which is translated directly into the wines.