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Castel Del Piano - Luna Lies Toscana Frizzante Rosato

Castel Del Piano - Luna Lies Toscana Frizzante Rosato

Frizzante Rosato of Vermentino Nero from Lunigiana, Tuscany.

About the Winemaking Process:

From a healthy and expressive grape, obtained from a good job in the vineyard, obtaining an excellent wine is a linear fact. The important thing is to accompany the spontaneous fermentation with great care and attention. Not using corrective or additives or invasive procedures in the cellar means respecting the vitality of the material and its characteristics. The wine must be the mirror of the territory where it is produced, modulated in its shades by the trend of the seasons. Only natural wine is like this. For this reason we do not add yeasts or other oenological products, only small quantities of sulphites.