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Vin de Lagamba - Frauen Power Sparkling Red

Vin de Lagamba - Frauen Power Sparkling Red

From the Importer:

Alanna Lagamba the partner of Martin “Marto” Worner. Canadian by birth, having arrived to Flonheim by way of Berlin, Alanna is now a burgeoning winemaker in her own right. In 2019, she made a single, gently sparkling red wine, “Frauen Power”, which is composed of 100% Dornfelder from Martin’s vines. If there’s one thing that keeps me in the natural wine trade, it’s the radical energy of young winemakers like Alanna and Marto.

Frauen Power isn’t made from “noble” grapes and doesn’t correspond to any special ancestral tradition of the Rheinhessen. Its vigorous bubbles and brash aromatics are hallmarks of a young winemaker taking big risks to try out insane ideas. And despite all of this - or maybe because of it - it’s hard to drink this wine without smiling. It’s also hard to keep the wine in the bottle for much longer than 10 minutes. Danke, Alanna.

Tasting Notes: Stewed Red Berry, Cola, Farmhouse


This wine is very ALIVE. Chill the wine upright. Clean the outside of the bottle after removing from the refrigerator. Very slowly lift the crown cap while holding the entire bottle of wine vertically over the glass. Do not entirely remove the crown cap from the bottle, just enough to hear a hiss. Let the carbonation slowly emit out and following some bubbles which will come down the side of the bottle into the glass. Take your time!