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Tenuta Macchiarola - "Tippi" Rosato Frizzante

Tenuta Macchiarola - "Tippi" Rosato Frizzante

Primitivo rosé pet nat! Tippi is Nico's wife's nickname and he says also suits her bubbly personality. A direct press rose` made from 100% primitivo. Bottle fermentation, minimal sulfur added (<10ppm).

About the Winemaker:

In the beginning, winemaker Nico Mangione, was farming conventionally and using "modern winemaking techniques", i.e. yeast, sulfur, etc. that local enologists had convinced him were the only way to go.  After the first couple of vintages Nico began to question the practices that so many people had told him were just fine. He noticed vineyards dying far to quickly and that the wines were not vibrant as he had hoped. These doubts led Nico to pull the plug and immediately go the opposite direction, one of natural farming and natural winemaking. In 2010, after three full years of chemical-free farming, Nico made his first natural wine with no yeast, no sulfur, just grapes.  

Since 2010 Nico has been gaining experience and forging ahead on his natural wine mission. His neighbors look to him as if he were crazy yet he thinks the same thing about them. "The future of Puglia is in natural agriculture", says Nico..."there's no other way forward."