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Costador 'Metamorphika' - Garnatxa Amphorae (2018)

Costador 'Metamorphika' - Garnatxa Amphorae (2018)

Grenache from Catalonia, Spain. This wine is fermented spontaneously, using biodynamic practices and is unfined and unfiltered

About the Winemaker:

Costador Terroirs are single-vineyards, organic wines produced from old vines . Mountains vineyards maximum highs of 864 meters. We works with more than 20 grapes varieties . We also preserve the authentic flavour and taste of the juice grapes. The majority of the fermentation is carried out in clay amphorae called Tinajas. The major part of our range are with skin maceration” BRISATS – ORANGE WINES ” . The orange wines are fermented with whole berries with skin contact during 6 to 8 weeks . The final juice is a real & authentic wine with natural taste. We work with autochthon Catalan varieties and another with singular terroirs.