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Jutta - Rakete

Jutta - Rakete

Rotburger, Sankt Laurent, Blauburger, Merlot and a few white vines which were planted unintentionally in Vienna 30 years ago.

Tasting Notes: Gooseberry, Cranberries, Earth

Shake before drinking 

About the Winemaker:

Ambrositsch wines are all micro-cuvées and they are a delightful way to discover the historic Vienna terroir through the lens of a young and fun artist. While her winemaking style could be called “natural”, with no additions of yeasts, enzymes, or sugar, and only a minimum amount of sulfur, very few of the wines show any of the funky qualities of many wines that share the moniker. Most are made in stainless steel and are classic, with a very special energy to them. Are they renegades? No - rock and roll is a more fitting description. In addition to the traditional wines, including three white Gemischter Satz bottlings, they make some playful cuvées, like the Roter (red) Gemischter Satz called Rakete, with its piquant cherry fruit and cloudy bright ruby color. All of their wines are a bit rebellious in that they are made without additions, which gives a lot of vibrancy and juicy flavors, and an unrestrained expression of Vienna's terroir. - Michele Peters, Austrian Portfolio Manager, Bowler.