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No Control - Rockaille Billy

No Control - Rockaille Billy


Whole bunches in a fibreglass vat. Grape trampling to make space in the vat, maceration of whole bunches in the juice. 4 punch-downs, devatting, pressing and blending of both vats with the free-run and pressed juice. Maceration of 3 weeks. No added chemical inputs.

At the top of Volvic’s hillside, in the heart of the woods growing on the “puy de la bannière”, we can find big rocks. Rock, in the dialect of the Auvergne (the one of Alain Gaudet) is called “Rochaille”. “Rochaille” became “Rockaille” and “Rochaille” evidently became Rockaille Billy.

About the Winemaker:

Being a natural wine drinker since 2003, I couldn’t make any other kind of wine during my winegrower career. I don’t add any chemicals during wine-making process. The wines are made naturally in the cellar: no filtration and no added sulfites before bottling. The aim is to make pure, fresh, generous wines of high drinkability.

To do so we have to respect the grapes and avoid trituration as much as possible. That is why the grapes are hand harvested in 18 kg crates. White grapes are pressed carefully and slowly. Red grapes are put into vats in whole bunches for maceration, which will be more or less lengthy depending on the desired product.

The wines ferment with indigenous yeasts and are aged on lees in various containers. The length of ageing is not decided beforehand. It will evolve depending on the wine, of its taste and potential. These processes enable the wines to have a strong aromatic potential and to express at best the terroir they stem from.