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Oscar Maurer - Crazy Lud' Red

Oscar Maurer - Crazy Lud' Red

The 2019 "Crazy Lud Red" is 60% Balufrankisch (Kékfrankos) and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon both picked early, destemmed, macerated for 7 days, and then fermented and aged in Hungarian oak barrels. Bottled unfined and unfiltered, it’s basically a “Siller” in that it’s in between a light red and rosé, dry at 12%, and best with a slight chill.
The Maurer family has been producing wine for four generations. It was during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in the 19th century that they moved from Salzburg to the southern part of the Kingdom of Hungary. They now farm 16 acres of land: 6 acres in the Serbian wine region of Szabadka (directly south of the Hungarian-Serbian border), and 10 acres in the Fruška Gora mountain district in Syrmia, Serbia, bordered by the Danube River to the north.

The vineyards are planted with ancient Serbian varieties such as Mézes Fehér, Bakator, Szerémi Zöld. In the Szabadka wine region, vines are more than a hundred years old. The oldest Kadarka was planted in 1880 and is one of the oldest in the world. The other part of the estate is in the historic region of Szerémség (Syrmia). Some ninety million years ago, the Fruška Gora mountain in Syrmia was an island in the Pannonian sea. The slopes of this old formation made up of volcanic and sedimentary rocks have been covered with vineyards, orchards and forests for about 3000 years. Today, this is an almost intact natural environment with an outstandingly rich ecosystem.
All fermentations are spontaneous without the use of any additives apart from some SO2 at bottling for select wines and are unfined/unfiltered. The wine is aged in Hungarian oak vessels.