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Denny Bini - Spuma Vino Frizzante

Denny Bini - Spuma Vino Frizzante

Name: Podere Cipolla.

Type of soils: Sand and limestone.

Varieties: 100% Lambrusco di Sorbara.

Vine age: 5 and 15 years old.

Planting Density: 2300 vines/hectare.

Harvest date: Second half of September.

Harvest technique: Hand harvested.

Agricultural technique: Organic

About the Winemaker:

In case you hadn’t noticed, Emilia, the land of Lambrusco, has a revolution brewing (or fermenting, often in bottle). After too many years of industrially-produced mediocrity, Emilia is now home to a small but growing cell of artisanal producers who are farming carefully and returning to the metodo ancestrale of their grandfathers: secondary fermentation in the bottle, without disgorgement. Denny Bini is one of the humble heroes of this renaissance-revolution. He makes 6000 bottles per year from a single hectare of organically-farmed vineyards. Ponente 270 is the sparkling red and is mostly Grasparossa. Rosa dei Venti is the sparkling rosato (Grasparossa and Malbo Gentile). Levante 90 is the sparkling white wine, made from Malvasia. All three are bottle-fermented. Denny also makes our FUSO21 Lambrusco dell’Emilia (a.k.a. the Festa! Label) from practicing organic vineyards from family and friends.