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Donkey & Goat - New Glou (2020)

Donkey & Goat - New Glou (2020)

Tasting Note:
The milky magenta color lends proof to this zero-zero infant of a wine that is full of life and promise but too delicious to keep around long enough to find out what the teenage years might bring. Strawberry, watermelon, lime zest and wait for it....pepper! The flavors are uninhibited and immediately obvious. A little spritz to tickle your palate and ensure one glass will not possibly be enough.

A mouthwatering pinkish wine made from very little maceration and mostly direct press juice from the Lightner and Fenaughty Vineyards in El Dorado. The backbone is a co-fermentation of Grenache, Syrah & Mourvèdre where only 1/3 was destemmed with skins and 2/3 was direct press and then joined the crushed fruit in concrete for less than a week. We pressed atop Vermentino Marc and later finessed our blend with additions of Marsanne and a red Grenache.

About the Winemaker:

Donkey & Goat Winery is owned and operated by Jared and Tracey Brandt in Berkeley, California. We make “natural wines” which is a term that covers both the vineyard and the cellar. That is what distinguishes natural wine– the extension of natural farming philosophies that drive the practices for sustainable, natural & biodynamic farming into the cellar.

Our wines are made from sustainably (or more) farmed vineyards in the Sierra Nevada, Mendocino and Napa. In the cellar nothing is removed and nothing is added save minimal effective sulphur. Sulphur is a contentious issue in the natural wine world. We have made wines with zero sulphur added but in general we do use minimum effective sulphur. Or we use as little as possible and our levels going into bottle fall within the predominant guideline for natural wines in Europe. Our wines are bottled without stabilization, fining or filtration. While not required, we include our ingredient list on our label which is remarkably short: grapes and minimal sulphur. We have made our wines in this manner since we created Donkey & Goat in 2004 and will continue to do so until we stop.