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Fabien Jouves - Á Table Rosé

Fabien Jouves - Á Table Rosé

Fabien Jouves comes from an old peasant family of the Causse (Massif Central). There the Malbec (cot) is the king of grape varieties. Thanks to the location of the vineyard at the junction of the Quercy and Cahors terroirs, the plot was obviously selected to express the different aspects of the Malbec. These aspects are reinforced by a biodynamic viticulture which respects, life, plant, man and his environment. The vinification (wine-making) in the wine cellar is made naturally, without oenological inputs, and the process of the wine until its maturity, in concrete vats, barrels and casks according to its personality. Grape varieties MALBEC Soil / exposure Blending on several plots and soils Winemaking Manual harvesting The “saignée method” is used for all vats Fermentation in concrete vats and barrels Ageing Ageing in stainless steel vats, barrels for 6 months.

About the Winemaker:

Fabien Jouves is from an old farming family in Causse, France and became a winemaker in 2006 when he created his first cuvée Mas del Périé on the highest slopes of Cahors.

In this region, Malbec (Côt) is the king of grape varietals. Located between Quercy and Cahors, Jouves wanted to choose parcels that could help him show a diverse range of Malbec expressions. Following biodynamic agriculture adds strength to his terroir by supporting the whole environment from the vines to the animals.

The whole vinification process occurs naturally, without any additives. The wine is then aged until maturity, either in concrete tanks, barrels or large wooden vats (foudres), depending on the wine’s personality.