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Las Jaras - Rosé (2019)


Las Jaras - Rosé (2019)


Gary Venturi Carignan: 57% 

Ricetti Vineyards Carignan: 8%

Hillside Vineyards Zinfandel: 35%

From the Winemaker:

Yes, this is a pink party wine—but it’s a classy pink party wine. This is a rosé you want to bring home to meet your parents. It deserves to be drunk alongside imported tinned fish, salted butter, and impeccably made, artisanal baguettes. If this rosé could talk, it would have a lilting French accent and quote Godard.

Over the years, our rosé has seen an evolution. Early on, our rosé was 100% Carignan.Then it moved to a Zinfandel led blend. We think this vintage has the ideal balance. Our goal is a wine that is both fruity and savory. On the nose, it is all about big red fruit and hibiscus. On the palate, it is packed with acid and minerality, with a bone-dry finish. It’s texturally interesting, as a result of destemming the zinfandel. It has razzmatazz—a departure from the rosés of Provence.


All 6 varieties in Superbloom come from Love Ranch vineyard in Madera County, near Coarsegold. This certified organic vineyard is situated near the southern gate of Yosemite on rolling hills at about 2,000 feet above sea level. The climate is very hot there—it can get up to 90oF by 10 in the morning!—and the soils are free-draining granitic schist. This combination of factors means the grapes ripen quickly, and fruit from Love Ranch is often the first into the winery each year.


The Carignan for this wine was whole cluster pressed as soon as the fruit was received at the winery. This method of juice extraction gives us a savory and mineral laden wine with a fine texture. The Zinfandel was able to be night picked, so it arrived at the winery very cold. We destemmed the fruit and added it to the press with its stems soon after processing. This allowed us to get great red fruit character and avoid extracting too much bitterness. After 24 hours of settling the wines we racked for native primary fermentation. Once these lots had fermented to dryness, we combined them into one tank for storage on their lees until bottling at cool temperatures to discourage malo-lactic fermentation. Close to the bottling date we added a small amount of sulfur and filtered the wine.

About the Winemaker:

At Las Jaras, our goal is to make delicious wine that has tons of energy and balance. We want them to be vibrant, delicate, and supple all at the same time while also being food friendly and easy for anyone to enjoy. Our wines are designed to reflect the unique terroir of the vineyards using minimal intervention so you can taste their natural, rhythmic expression. If you are not used to drinking wines made this way, the experience can be a revelation.

Our lighter wines can elevate your daily experiences. Bring the elegant bubbles of our Sparkling Wine to your best friends engagement party. Nestle the Rosé into your backpack for a trip to the park to watch an epic sunset. Pair the chilled Glou Glou with a margherita pizza to make takeout tastier. 

Our medium bodied reds pair with deep savory meals and create thought provoking moments. A holiday dinner includes a conversation about Carignan. The Cabernet Sauvignon is brought to your favorite restaurant to share a taste with your server. “Does this remind you of 70’s Napa?” And our Sweet Berry Wine demands explanation, inspires stories, and creates joy. For your Wine!

We are very excited to share our wines with you—there are more to come! 

Cheers, Joel & Eric