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Milan Nestarec - Transcendent

Milan Nestarec - Transcendent

Total production: Only 3 barrels made!

Varieties: Regent, Neuberger, Riesling

Vinification notes: Direct press regent juice is added to an open vat with Neuberger and Riesling fermenting on the skins. The wine was not topped up and a flor (vail of yeast) developed, giving the wine a nutty note. Zero sulfur added, unfined and unfiltered. Each bottle is painted by hand. 

About the Winemaker:

Milan Nestarec has quickly become the star winemaker of the Czech republic during the time we’ve been working with him. His wines display so much life, vitality, and originality, that they have become very sought after all over the world in a very short time. We are honored to have been working with his wines since 2014. The wines we are selling now represent the full evolution of his original vision: a full range of wines, from quaffable yet energetic and inexpensive wines like the forks and knives and liter bottlings of Nach and Bel, to the amazingly expressive skin fermented wines, made entirely without additions of sulfur.