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Amplify Wines - Four on the Flor


Amplify Wines - Four on the Flor

From the Winemaker:

We started making this wine in 2016 (when it was called “Pink Flag”). Each year we’ve refined our approach a bit more in terms of ripeness and our approach in the cellar. Previous vintages have been a roughly 50/50 split between topped-up barrels and barrels aged under flor. Based on what we saw in 2018, we decided to make the leap in 2019 and age the entirety of our rosé under flor. We absolutely love the results. It is savory, with greater textural intrigue, yet still possesses plenty of citrus, peach, and strawberry. The flor notes form the wine’s core, with a saline, Marcona almond edge that pairs up beautifully with the wine’s fruit. We believe this is one of the most unique rosés produced in America- unfined, unfiltered, full malolactic, aged under flor in neutral wood for 7 months, with its only addition being a 15 part sulfur add at bottling. Pour a glass, throw on some Frankie Knuckles, and hop in the pool.

About the Winemaker:

We seek to amplify the voice of site and enhance the most singular characteristics of a given vineyard, marrying a sense of place with a sense of style.  We believe in: native yeast fermentations; neutral vessels for fermentation and aging; no additions of any kind except for minimum effective sulfur dioxide; and farming that seeks to establish a healthy ecosystem, enhancing and supporting the natural characteristics of a given place.