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Krásná Horá  - La Blanca

Krásná Horá - La Blanca

Country: Czech Republic

Region: Moravia

Grape: Riesling, Gewurtztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc 

Viticulture: Biodynamic Farming / Natural Wine

Vinification: A Mix of using old barrels for fermentation along with some skin contact to give the wine texture and weight. 

Exotic aromas with a touch of herbaceous, lemon peel character. Very fresh with great structure from a bit of skin contact. 

About the Winemaker:

The Krásná Horá (which translates to "Beautiful Mountain") vineyards are located in the historic wine village of Starý Poddvorov. The winery is situated on the 49th parallel (just like Alsace and Burgundy) at the very limit of where grapes can be grown in Central Europe, in the south-eastern corner of the Czech Republic.

Krásná Horá winery farms 8.5 hectares of vineyards carefully tending them by hand and applying biodynamic principles to their land in order to produce grapes of the highest possible quality and expression of the terroir. The Krásná Horá vineyards are naturally rich in biodiversity which allows them to avoid using any kind of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. 

Harvest is done only by hand into small baskets that are quickly brought to the winery adjoining the vineyard itself. The grapes are carefully hand sorted and brought to press with as little handling as possible in order to preserve the fruit's quality.