Meet the Owners

Dante DeCicco

Natural wine enthusiast and co-owner of The Natural Wine Shoppe, first fell in love with his Italian family wine that was made without anything added or removed during the winemaking process. Seeking more outside of this family method, he developed a passion to hunt down pure, low intervention wine. When having difficulty locating all of the wine that he wanted, opening up a wine shop that offered the best natural wine that was more accessible came organically. 


Greg Edsall

Co-owner Greg Edsall was eager to apply his entrepreneurial foundation to launch a business of his own. It only took one sip of natural wine to create a passion to dive deeper into the world of natural wine and all of its facets through the stories the wine told and the unique flavors represented by each region. Combined with his technical background, he set out to give access to these rare low-intervention wines at the simple click of a button. Paving the way for the conception of The Natural Wine Shoppe.




Known at the dog park as a local favorite, Bella would much rather sit on the park bench next to the hoomans than run along with the other dogs. Her need for constant attention can be overwhelming. If you dare stop rubbing her belly, she will gently reach out for your hand and pull it back towards her belly whilst giving you "the eyes." When she is not lording over other dogs in the dog park and demanding belly rubs, she's sleeping - nearly 20 hours a day.



 Born from a champion bloodline, JJ, short for Jacob Junior, likes to enjoy the finer things in life with no room for sparing expense. In other words, he's a spoiled, yet handsome, little doxie. Some of JJ's favorite pastimes include staring out the window to bark at anything, pretend he's a bigger dog than he actually is, and sunbathing (usually all at the same time). Even though he may sometimes think he's a big, bad hound dog - he's just a sweet little guy who will give more than enough kisses if given the chance.