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Cacique Maravilla - Pipeño 1L (2020)

Cacique Maravilla - Pipeño 1L (2020)

This vineyard has been in my family through 7 generations and, has always produced Natural Wines. The story of this unique vineyard comes with the history of Spanish, Conquest...having brought the vines from Canary in Chile, known as the " Pais " Listan Prieto in Spain.Volcanic soil a Deep Trumao incredibly fertile. where the years have achieved very special and unique features on the vine., *Open Fermentation, *No filters, Gravity Decantation, *High rate of Resveratrol, *Pairing: Meat,Fish, Sea Food, Puddings, Longanizas, Pastas ,Aperitif, Producing this wine in a Ancestral and Natural Methods... just the same way it was produced for ever in my family.

About the Winemaker: 

I have the honor and privilege care for a 250-year old vineyard. I am the 7th generation of my family to make wine just as my ancestors did, using the traditional know-how of my region. We grow Pais, Moscatel de Alejandria, Torontel, Corinto (Shazela), Cot as well as Cabernet Sauvignon (planted in 2000). Dry-farmed.