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Division - L'Orange (2019)

Division - L'Orange (2019)

This year’s “L’Orange” we decided on old vine Müeller Thurgau and Sauvignon Blanc for the higher aromatics, juxtaposed with the savory and more salty Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc that we’ve worked with for many years. Some of the Chardonnay was fermented with Carbonic Maceration, which is a more typical approach with red grapes like Gamay (we do this with other grapes like Pinot Noir too), but thought that perhaps we could capture some of the funky fruit characters we are accustomed to with the grapes. The result was more floral than fruit, but a perfect compliment to the mix.

The 2019 “L’Orange” features a blend of white grapes (and a tiny amount of one pressed off red grape) from some of our favorite sites, and we think we’ve really struck gold (or struck orange!) again with this approachable orange wine. This is definitely an orange wine that you will want by the bottle – not just a taste!

Capturing complex colors, textures, and aromatics deliciously was the main goal, and our 2019 “L’Orange” demonstrates the beautiful harmony we were seeking through this blend of grapes, resulting from different single varietal and varietal coferments that were macerated on their skins for up to three weeks. The fermentations occurred in open top barrels and vats and the wine was unfined and unfiltered, leaving it somewhat hazy.

Along with notes of gardenia and tangerine peel, we can't help but notice a touch of eucalyptus in the wine, connecting it to Portland based artist Camille Shu's "Eucs," a piece we find beautifully reflects the synthesis of this extended skin contact white wine, and just had to feature on the label!