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Fable Farm Fermentory - Vineous Venus

Fable Farm Fermentory - Vineous Venus

Contained herein is a dry, rosé hued grape — apple wine. Two years in the making, we steeped the skins, pulp, and seeds leftover from two different red wine macerations in cider barrels. The grape marc from the first year came from our friends and neighbors at La Garagista, while the grape marc from the second year came from our first ever production of red wine. We then blended the 4 barrels of grape marc infused cider with two barrels of cider that underwent a maceration of it’s own, wherein apple pomace was fermented with it’s juice. Before bottling we added honey for a traditional method sparkle. 8.5% abv

About the Winemaker:

Fable Farm Fermentory is a farm-based winery producing aged wines and vinegars, among other herbal elixirs. The fermentory is part of a larger family of organizations working together to steward farmland, develop rural businesses, and promote community experiences.

We began our journey as farmers back in 2008 when we initiated our vegetable CSA venture, Fable Farm. We’ve been growing vegetables and hosting festive community galas ever since. Using our CSA pick-up day as an opportunity for community to gather around local food and drink and the farm as a venue for musicians and artists to share their art, we set out to contribute to a thriving rural culture.

Moving to Barnard, Vermont to initiate a CSA vegetable farm brought us forth into a culture and place rich with apples and cider-making lore; and our vegetable farming business provided a financial and cultural incubation for our fermentory and wine-making skills to rise up. As we shift our focus to growing perennials, the vegetable operation is now spearheaded by Justin Park under the name Heartwood Farms; and so the vegetable CSL lives on. And the CSA gatherings, initially held in the backyard of an historic farmhouse in downtown Barnard, have since blossomed into a bustling marketplace, now called Feast and Field Market.