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Jauma - Cosmic Cat (2019)

Jauma - Cosmic Cat (2019)

Vineyard blend of Grenache and Shiraz

Notes from the Winemaker:

18 years old one day, I was labelling with my father in law and tikka, my cat, kept bugging me, she meowed me all the way over to a tank which had all my paper waste in there and the sun was reflecting off the steel onto the paper and was starting to burn....all my labels never look like anything, except for this wine which I wished to honor tikka for saving my winery!  fyi the idea with all the labels originally is that I was tired of looking at formal labels, which made the drinker feel inferior to what they were drinking... i wanted my drinkers to see whatever they wanted to see in the labels and thereby take ownership of the image for them selves, this is what kids do and I want to keep brains dreaming like kids :)

About the Winemaker:

Jauma is one of the first natural winemakers in Australia, with James Erskine starting to make his first wines a little over 10 years ago. Until last year James didn’t owned any property, but along with his business partner Fiona managed vineyards in Clarendon and McLaren Vale (Fiona is basically employed as his full time farmer).

Last year, James bought a cherry farm in a region called Lenswood, in the higher elevation part of the Adelaide Hills. He picked the cherries last year (and did some fun projects like cherry vinegar) but also got to work on planting his first, own vineyard.

He makes his wines, for now, in Basket Range (he is hoping to build a winery on his new project, TBD), in a beautiful old fruit shed. He makes what seems to be a million different wines, as he is constantly inspired by new vineyards, new varieties, new techniques, etc. That being said, Grenache is most certainly his jam. He makes everything from pet nat, to full carbonic, to blended with shiraz, to multiple single vineyards of it. 

His background is an a high end sommelier and wine judge, and I think this shows in particular in his single vineyard Grenache bottles. They are as natural as wine can get, but have a more serious tone to them, even if that labels are playful. They can also certainly age, even though bottled under crown cap.