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Scotty Boy - Blush (2019)

Scotty Boy - Blush (2019)


43% Chardonnay (214 days on skins), 43% Chardonnay (no skin contact), 17% Mourvere

makes you wanna sing and mountain dance before taking a triple back flip plunge into the deep and refreshing dimensions of orange blush emoji

nose: watermelon kombucha, white nectarines, orange zest

palate: hibiscus, dried astronaut strawberry, whole lotta love

feel free to serve chilled

About the Winemaker:

Santa Barbara County

“nothing added/nothing taken away” is our operative mantra. Scotty-Boy! wines step up to the table purely themselves with transparent origins – no inoculations, no additions, no added sulfur, native fermentations, always bottled unfined and unfiltered. the grapes at the genesis of these bottles hail from small family owned vineyards, artisinally farmed at least sustainably, if not organically and/or biodynamically; and are only harvested by hand.

fresh and young, these wines are meant to be drunk sooner rather than later with a good chill. truly unfiltered, they will often appear cloudy and throw sediment – part of the charm and proof of concept.

we hope you enjoy this humble project. again, even though this is some high quality juice, don’t feel shy to: throw some ice cubes in; pour them into red plastic cups; pound them on the patio; forget them in the fridge; and/or mix them into a cocktail. hey, sip from a fancy glass with upturned pinky if that’s your jam. these wines are entirely for your pleasure, however you see fit. no hassle, totally casual and fancy free.