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Smallfry - Jellyfish Grenache (2020)

Smallfry - Jellyfish Grenache (2020)

Hazy and burgundy in appearance, this easy summer night sipper can be paired with lean red meat, charcuterie board or some backyard bbq. Enjoy with good company.

About the Winemaker:

Partners in life and business we have set about this rather haphazard journey driven by a desire to make something real. We both come from wine industry families so we understand the long term nature of this business, if you don’t love it you won’t survive the inevitable difficulties and hardships. We also appreciate the joys of seeing our produce becoming something more than grist for the mill, following the process in the most sensitive way we can makes the work of growing seem more valuable. To hand on something tangible to the next generation would be quite special (if they want it).