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VHS Wines - Cream Soda (500 ml)

VHS Wines - Cream Soda (500 ml)

60% Greco and 40% Gewurztraminer blend.

Tasting Notes: Strawberry Seeds, Vanilla Bean.

From Sam Smith:

In order to emulate the Creaming Soda vanilla component. 1kg of Vanilla pods was rotary-evaporated with distilled H20 in order to produce a distillate of H20 and vanillin, the aromatic compound for the smell of vanilla. I then worked on addition ratios of distilalte to blended wine and found that 1ml of distillate to 200ml of wine was ideal. This essentially means that the 'Creaming Soda' wine is 0.5% vanilla distillate. 

The colour of the wine is the result of infusing 3kg of dehyrated and ground red currant's into the wine. The red currant also contributes a small amount of red berry flavour which, I think, positively contributes to the overall balance and flavour profile of the finished wine. 

In many ways, the colour of Creaming Soda changes the way that we perceive it's flavour. When we consume foods and beverages that are red, our brain convinces us that we are tasting something that is sweeter than what it actually is. This allows flavour to be manipulated by colour and in this instance turns what is predominantly an acid driven wine into a sweeter wine. The Creaming Soda wine has no residual sugar at all, but because of the addition of vanillion aromatic molecules and the colour of the wine we perceive the wine as having some sweetness. 

The Creaming Soda wine was such an exciting breakthrough because it was the first time that we have reverse engineered a food and drink on a molecular level and sough to emulate it's flavour profile by blending wines together. It's certainly a concept that will be continuously worked on and perfected over the course of the next few years as we seek to always push the boundaries of what is possible in the wine world.

Strawberries and cream? Yeah, thats right.

From Sam Smith:

Wines of redemption whose existence was conceived during time spent on the other side of the tracks. On labels are the stories of my life and in bottles are wines which reflect those stories. A huge thank you to all my growers whose tireless work  allows me to create expressions of their vineyards.

- The best way to commit suicide is to live a long and prosperous life. 

With all the fucking love in the world,

Samuel J. Smith